September 25, 2007


Posted in August, Knitting at 12:33 am by myknittedempire

So in order not to incur the wrath of the credit card gods I have started delivering catalogues to fund my knitting habit. So I’ve been wandering about delivering many catalogues for not much money, but on the upside it has meant I have got through some more of my pod-cast backlog.

I have enjoyed listening to “subknit” which has been an interesting venture into the combination of BDSM and knitting, I really don’t understand the lifestyle aspect of it all, but is certainly interesting. 

Socks in the city has inspired my to try socks again, I have started a a toe up sock, not really happy with how is looking so far, my yarn wraps don’t look even to me, and i think my tension is wrong….

I am going to try and find someone locally who can show me how to do this, but I suppose it could be trick to find someone as I want to learn toe up on two circulars, I could offer them a ball of yarn as reward.

The sock, even though I don’t love it, has given me a chance to start with my yarn from the knittery, it really is beautiful (DH has taken my camera to Adelaide so pictures next week) 

 David Reidy’s Sticks and String, is still by far the most professional sounding and presented pod-cast.  He really does and excellent job, it is always interesting and thought provoking, he pushes his listeners to ‘have a go’, the interviews are interesting and so importantly the sound levels are balanced!!!!! the levels between the music his talking and the interviews all the same.  I really recommend this pod-cast.

Still to go this week are: “its a purl man”, “stash and burn”.


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