October 22, 2007

damned socks

Posted in Knitting, october tagged , , at 11:43 pm by myknittedempire

damned socks, I think I mustn’t be too bright, at least in a sock way.

I am trying to follow the instructions for the simple knitted sock from socks soar….

Could I work it out??? I am new to socks so don’t understand their construction totally, so could i work out where the heal turning was meant to happen? I found a nice picture somewhere on the Internet with a description which helped. But then, i couldn’t work out what the hell was meant to happen with all the stitches when i comesesed  picking up the gusset stitches. I understood the idea of what I was doing but for the life of me couldn’t understand her instructions. In the end, I did it my way, and i have all the correct stitches in all the right places, (although I did pick up a few too many, but i would rather have too many than holes).

I don’t think i want to knit socks top down anyway so I will only be following these instructions for the other one of these socks.

I hate when my knitting makes me cranky.


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