November 30, 2007


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I will be blocking tonight (or it might be in the early hours of tomorrow morning) wish me luck, i have a board and some pins and have read a tutorial, hmmmm what could go wrong…….



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I am almost finished my blossom shawl from mag knits. I decided on Wednesday that I wanted to wear it out to dinner on Saturday, so I have been knitting as fast as I can (not very) ever since. I now as of today only have one repeat left to go and then the 3 rows of garter and cast off. so it looks like it might be achievable. the  only problems is that i think it makes DH cross as I have to focus to do lace and that doesn’t make me a very interesting companion. 

i think i might stop knitting for the rest of the weekend after this is done, I don’t think it is very good for my posture….



November 27, 2007

not the brightest spark

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Well, I must say that I don’t feel like the brightest spark, Yesterday I was having some quite serious soreness and pain in my arms and hands, and I thought to myself “oh dear what have I done to myself with my knitting?”. I worried about this and deliberately left my knitting at work so I would force myself to take a night off. This morning when I walked out the front door it occurred to me that “hmmmm, maybe the soreness was perhaps caused by the hour and a half of weeding that I did on Sunday afternoon!” DUH!

I am knitter hear me click…

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Well I think that I might have stepped over the line from:

someone who also knits


A Knitter!

For my birthday, My husband gave me a set of knitpicks needles and two of my friends also gave me needles, and a friend who is about to go overseas has offered to bring back yarn.

I think knitting may be now a part of my identity….

November 25, 2007

productive weekend

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I got quite a few things done on the weekend which is good. I managed to not think about work much at all.

I finished up the 2 booties to go with the trial ones I was doing, and made another pair out of some bamboo yarn I had.

I looked in despair at my craft space and have decided that fr the most part I don’t have stash so much as bits and pieces, I am in the process of deciding what is a usable amount of yarn and what is junk.

I made a pair of pot holders for my mum for Christmas, I just have to felt them.

I cast on for my full size Hanami, but i am unhappy with some of the beads i chose. I looked for beads in a nice colour with a big enough internal hole, and couldn’t find any, so i bought some and pre-threaded them for the cast on, which is when i found out two things; one, 44 beads does not make 95 cast on stitches with a bead every other stitch, and two all the beads must be the same weight, otherwise they will sit unevenly.  

I think the solution might be to smash them off with a hammer (they are glass), will let you know how this goes….

November 24, 2007

Kevin 07

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What a fabulous day! A birthday party and a change of government!!!


November 23, 2007


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It was my birthday and my lovely husband got me a set of the knitpicks interchangeable needles. Yay they seem very nice so far.

am making progress on my blossom shawl and home to make some headway on the weekend and have some pictures on Monday, I am going to have to see if anyone has ideas for how to take good pictures of lace…..


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