November 25, 2007

productive weekend

Posted in Knitting at 1:12 am by myknittedempire

I got quite a few things done on the weekend which is good. I managed to not think about work much at all.

I finished up the 2 booties to go with the trial ones I was doing, and made another pair out of some bamboo yarn I had.

I looked in despair at my craft space and have decided that fr the most part I don’t have stash so much as bits and pieces, I am in the process of deciding what is a usable amount of yarn and what is junk.

I made a pair of pot holders for my mum for Christmas, I just have to felt them.

I cast on for my full size Hanami, but i am unhappy with some of the beads i chose. I looked for beads in a nice colour with a big enough internal hole, and couldn’t find any, so i bought some and pre-threaded them for the cast on, which is when i found out two things; one, 44 beads does not make 95 cast on stitches with a bead every other stitch, and two all the beads must be the same weight, otherwise they will sit unevenly.  

I think the solution might be to smash them off with a hammer (they are glass), will let you know how this goes….


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