December 31, 2007

Very cropped hoddie top

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So I got out the hoodie to rework the hood, I was doing this because when I wear this top the hood pulls the shoulders down and off. I was thinking about  turning it into a turtle neck or putting a tie on the front.

I put it on and went to speak to my husband about it, he suggested that on me (a larger person) that removing the hood would unbalance the top, and just make it look too bulky. His suggestion and I am going to try it is to sew a ribbon across the shoulders so that it can’t stretch. Will let you know how that goes.


December 30, 2007

not much to report.

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Christmas was relaxing and warm but not hot. We had gifts, food and family around us so we ticked all the boxes. I gave very few knitting gifts, some felted potholders and 2 bookmarks, none of which I photographed… I will rectify that soon. I have done very little knitting in my holiday; I have sewn up the booties, I washed than and left them to dry an then the cats took a nap on them so I will have do do the second step of washing them again, I have knitted all but two squares for my lounge throw, they are just 50 stitches by 50 row squares of garter stitch, so not too brain intensive, i watched allot of the west wing while I did that.

I am currently in Canberra where there are no let me repeat No decent yarn shops! It is hot here 36 degrees so knitting isn’t high on the agenda.

December 20, 2007

futzing about

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So I am now on holidays from work, YAY. I needed the break, I think I was tired enough to start getting unpleasent to my co workers and thats not how I want to be at work, so the break is good.

I however have just been futzing about for the last 3 days, not really achving anything.

I think I am fatigued from the year and as the temperature warms up I am getting less motivated to do anything useful… It hasn’t been very warm here yet, it has been gloriously wet, out local reservoir is at 103% how good it that!

I have tiedied up half of the craft room, but even that was not very effective, I just threw out junk, made a pile of wool to donate and made things look neater.

Yesterday I scrap booked my holiday photos, I am a high speed scrap booker I did the whole holiday in a five hour sitting.

Things to do:

sew up 3 pairs of booties,

knit some more squares for my rug,

tidy the house for Christmas,

sew straps onto my christmas dress….

I think I had better go an do something….

December 19, 2007

Dont try this at home

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I had put the beads on the cast on for my Hanami, and i had two different types of beads, it turned out that one was heaver than the other, and so it pulled the stitches unevenly. SO I tried to hammer off the ones I didn’t like, I suspected that this wouldn’t work…. I was right, the bead shards cut the yarn! I have now put it aside and will get back to it when I finally find the beads i want.

December 14, 2007


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Last weekend, we were invited for an anniversary dinner with two of our friends, it was their first wedding anniversary, we had a lovely night although we all drank too  much, I was impressed by their “paper gifts” She gave him a poker set (paper cards) and he gave her paper, cards and calligraphy nibs for her scrap-booking.

aniversary gift

aniversay gift for him

December 13, 2007


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So, the knitting hasn’t been going well, I have now been to the physio 3 times for my neck.

Work is stressing me out and as a result I have been both hunching and clenching my jaw, add to that the fact that when I am concentrating and my eyes are tired at the end of the day, I tend to drop my shoulders forward when I knit which makes everything worse.

As a result not much as been done over the last two weeks. I finished another bookmark which I have neglected to take a photo of and have be crocheting a scarf for my sister in-laws sister.

On the upside it is almost Christmas and i am having a good break almost 3 weeks!

I am off to a music festival this afternoon, which should be fun, cross your fingers for me that it doesn’t rain….

as we are camping! it was only $100 for two days entertainment and two nights camping, (Shhhh don’t tell DH but I hate camping).

The work Christmas party is on this afternoon organised by yours truly, sigh, its always such a trauma, big sigh. 

December 5, 2007


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I finished the shawl in time to have it blocking overnight, and I happily wore it to dinner the next evening. Where I got some nice compliments.  Lets not mention the dropped stitch I discovered when I went to block it……


I must say that seasilk does not smell good when it is wet!

I was looking for ways to use up the 50 meters of sea silk I had left and came across the idea of bookmarks.

There are some lovely patterns about and I have done one called chain of hearts by brileyknits


I also found a KAL for bookmarks so I will let you know how that works out.