December 13, 2007


Posted in December, Knitting at 11:02 pm by myknittedempire

So, the knitting hasn’t been going well, I have now been to the physio 3 times for my neck.

Work is stressing me out and as a result I have been both hunching and clenching my jaw, add to that the fact that when I am concentrating and my eyes are tired at the end of the day, I tend to drop my shoulders forward when I knit which makes everything worse.

As a result not much as been done over the last two weeks. I finished another bookmark which I have neglected to take a photo of and have be crocheting a scarf for my sister in-laws sister.

On the upside it is almost Christmas and i am having a good break almost 3 weeks!

I am off to a music festival this afternoon, which should be fun, cross your fingers for me that it doesn’t rain….

as we are camping! it was only $100 for two days entertainment and two nights camping, (Shhhh don’t tell DH but I hate camping).

The work Christmas party is on this afternoon organised by yours truly, sigh, its always such a trauma, big sigh. 


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