December 20, 2007

futzing about

Posted in December, Knitting at 11:26 pm by myknittedempire

So I am now on holidays from work, YAY. I needed the break, I think I was tired enough to start getting unpleasent to my co workers and thats not how I want to be at work, so the break is good.

I however have just been futzing about for the last 3 days, not really achving anything.

I think I am fatigued from the year and as the temperature warms up I am getting less motivated to do anything useful… It hasn’t been very warm here yet, it has been gloriously wet, out local reservoir is at 103% how good it that!

I have tiedied up half of the craft room, but even that was not very effective, I just threw out junk, made a pile of wool to donate and made things look neater.

Yesterday I scrap booked my holiday photos, I am a high speed scrap booker I did the whole holiday in a five hour sitting.

Things to do:

sew up 3 pairs of booties,

knit some more squares for my rug,

tidy the house for Christmas,

sew straps onto my christmas dress….

I think I had better go an do something….


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