January 28, 2008

distance traveled

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I went to Narrabri on Monday 650 kilometers (return)




Sydney on Thursday/Friday 1126 Kilometers (return)





Hosted a hottest 100 party at my house on Saturday.



And Canberra on Sunday/Tuesday 1600 Kilometers (return)

dscf2964.jpg  dscf2967.jpg

Thats 3376 kilometers (2000 miles) in 8 days. I need a break.




January 24, 2008

Time away

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So I’m in Sydney to see the ‘police’ in concert, have had a nice time on planes, trains and ferries.

I will have traveled allot of distance by the time I’ve finished on Wednesday, as I am off to see my best friends baby on Monday.

Maybe I can get some booties knitted while I’m not being supervised….

That Clapotis is still not blocked…

January 23, 2008

the angry knitter

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The more I think about it the crosser I get. My knitting is not progressing due to my partners comment about me ignoring him. What is he 5 years old? I now feel like every time I pick up my needles I have to justify that I am being interactive, with both him and the knitting. I am fed up and couldn’t be bothered. The joy has gone out of it all.

January 22, 2008

Tick Tock

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Where does the time go?????

Last time I logged in was 10 days ago! what happened to those days????

I had two weekends of fairly productive knitting, I have started and finished a clapotis (only about 2 years after everyone else), I have started the first clue for secret of the stole ii.

It took me a long time to find the right yarn, I settled on the knitpicks gossamer in a colour way called red hat, to me it looks for like fresh berries. I am going to block it out tonight so pictures will be soon.

The clapotis was an easy knit, it didn’t take long, it is quite repetitive and I found myself constantly saying  “just more row…..” (often at about 1am). I found it interesting that the ‘ladders’ were so much work to unravel, but I suspect that was the yarn I used.

I have stated my 1st clue for secret of the stole ii, I needed to make the chart bigger, so it has momentarily paused.

My partner and I had a fight about how much attention my knitting was getting, the poor chicken felt neglected…  

New photos tomorrow, I promise.

January 11, 2008

Christmas present

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Look what dad got me as a Christmas present:


Bookmark KAL

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Here are the two bookmarks that I knitted before Christmas, I used up every last scrap of my sea-silk. the patterns came from the Monthly bookmarks KAL







January 10, 2008

Happy Day

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Look what I got in the post, my knit picks yarn! A super lovely Friend brought back my order from the states.

I hve the following projects planned.

This is for an Icarus.
This is for a Clapotis
This is for my secret of the stole2
 This is for a Scheherazade
These ones don’t have plans yet:
alpaca-cloud-moss.jpg   knitpicks-goasamer.jpg   knitpicks-shimmer.jpg

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