January 23, 2008

the angry knitter

Posted in Knitting at 2:03 am by myknittedempire

The more I think about it the crosser I get. My knitting is not progressing due to my partners comment about me ignoring him. What is he 5 years old? I now feel like every time I pick up my needles I have to justify that I am being interactive, with both him and the knitting. I am fed up and couldn’t be bothered. The joy has gone out of it all.



  1. shellssells said,

    I am so glad to read this post….I have the same trouble. I get so annoyed cause he wants me to knit him things, and his family things, but gets a bit pissy when I pick up the needles. Tells me it is a boring craft and I should have a new hobby. One that he likes too. Then complains that things aren’t getting knit fast enough. THEY DON’T KNIT THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seanna Lea said,

    Gosh, you are definitely not the only one. My husband has gotten a lot better, but every so many months it comes up again. I try to pick easier more conversation-friendly projects to knit while he’s around.

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