February 8, 2008

wish me luck

Posted in Knitting at 1:04 am by myknittedempire

So the plan for today is to knit at work, (wish me luck) and then give knitting at home on the weekend a go. I still feel odd about it so I don’t know how it will go.


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  1. Strawberry said,

    Very good luck to you. I was knitting at my desk during my lunch break one day and my boss asked me to stop because I was “making the department look unprofessional.” Honestly! Granted, he was a complete knit-o-phobe. He and I had to attend a meeting in the Netherlands and were taking the train from Amsterdam and I took out my knitting — his face came over horrified and he said, “You’re going to knit? On the TRAIN?” You’d have thought I’d taken off my socks and shoes and started clipping my toenails, he was so shocked.

    One day, he discovered my office-mate (a man) also knitted and was reading my Vogue Knitting. I think that nearly finished him off! Ha ha ha ha haaaaa!

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