February 12, 2008

many things for feet

Posted in February, Knitting, Other craftiness, photos at 12:25 am by myknittedempire

Wow what a great weekend!

My DH was in fact supportive of the knitting, I don’t know why that is, maybe I’m easier to get along with when I have a creative outlet…. I have felt like a soulless gypsy for the last few weeks, floating about not doing or achieving anything. I still cant get into my knitting as much as I would like I seem to defeat myself before I start, at the moment I think the problem is that I have quite a bit of yarn in single balls that I don’t know what to do with, I seemed to amass quite a bit of sock yarn int he hope I was about to become a “sock knitter” but that alas did not come to fruition, so any help on what are good projects for sock yarn would be helpful.

Things I feel like I achieved this weekend:

I finished two pairs of booties,

I re-washed 3 pairs I knitted in December


I put on a homebrew wash

I blocked my clapotis (don’t look too hard at the picture, my blocking was quick and dirty, but it did the job)


I made some tomato sauce.  

I made a decision that I wouldn’t be knitting the SOTS ii, which is a good thing because now i can stop feeling bad about not doing it.

I have picked up and am knitting on the second lego sock (I want to finish this pair this month, which will leave me two pairs left to complete) 


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