March 19, 2008

Focus on the positive

Posted in Knitting, March, photos at 2:43 am by myknittedempire

So, lots of good things have been happening at the moment, but unfortunately that doesn’t seem to change the despair of depression that is closing in around me.


We had allot of earth works done at our house (about 45 tons worth), which is great because the plumbing has needed fixing for a few years now, and now its done! we now have to build a retaining wall.




They found a treasure map in the earth, but alas they found it after it was moved, I guess I will never know…. 




We went on an outing to the races on Monday (nothing I like much better than skylarking on work time) .




Followed up by some saint Patrick’s day frivolity.




 It’s Easter this weekend, so we get a 4 day weekend and we are going to Brisbane for an engagement party  of a High School friend.


I was reading the Knit and Fight the Black Dog posts over on Pierre the Yarn Snob and I thought I should write something, instead of glossing over it or not blogging at all because I am too blue.

When I get down, it is my knitting that suffers the most, I cant knit, I cant blog, I cant do much that isn’t basic living skills.

It’s funny it is the lack of knitting that is often the alarm bell for my mood slippage, when I just can not muster up the energy or inclination to pick up the needles then I know I must be a little more than blue.

Lately I have been pushing myself to try and keep my mood up (I have been socialising and going hard at the gym and generally focusing on the good), but sometimes it just doesn’t work.

 I haven’t been very eloquent about all this, but sometimes it’s hard.


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