March 2, 2010

wrap me up

Posted in Knitting at 4:01 am by myknittedempire

I finally bit the bullet and unravelled the cropped hoodie that I haven’t worn much since I made it. I have this bad habit of knitting things I like, rather than things that will look good on my ‘large frame’.

Since it has been unravelled it has had several incarnations. I really wanted to reuse the noro and I wanted to make something for myself.

First I tried the cross stitch scarf from 101 designer one skein wonders, but in order to retain the black the fabric was just too firm for what I wanted, I suppose I could have gone up a few needle sizes but decided that I would be too cumbersome to work with considering the stitch maneuver.
I then thought it would be good to knit a Moebius for myself, why oh why did I do this?

as has happened to me once before, as i cast off my Moebius, my hard disk crashed!!! how does this happen? two Moebius’ and two hard disk failures!!! hmmm

After all this saga and saga it was, as my other blog is on iweb and guess what if it’s not backed up you have to start from scratch! there is no get it back from the web. sigh! many, many hours lost.

I decided just to knit it up as a straight knit on large needles but its sooooo boring to look at now, so I’m going to try one last time and try the cross stitch pattern again on the biggest needles I’ve got. will let you know how that gets on.