August 31, 2008


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I found these neat instructions for turning regular jeans into maternity jeans. I don’t know about the 30 minutes of sewing it as more like 2 hours for me! The finished result is very good, although i have a bit of a problems with the jeans riding down a bit, but i can put up with this for what is essentially a pair of maternity jeans for free!

this is not her current blog but she links to the new blog from this one.


August 25, 2008

UFOlympics DNF

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So I was a DNF in my own personal UFOlympics.

As I said before I knitted a pair of baby socks and a scarf for my mum, had i not done that i might have been more successful.

I finished the Zodiac grow bag, by putting on the press studs along the bottom (instead of a zip) and sewing buttons on at the top. I did a pretty bad job of knitting this item as the cotton shows the few places i had a brain fart and twisted a stitch or did a bad decrease, but I suspect the baby wont notice! I love the yellow buttons they are so cheerful and came from my grandma’s button collection. I did dint the floor with my hammering on of the press studs (it might be best not to mention that to DH…)


I sewed the handles on to my everlasting bag stopper. I used it on the weekend and I am super pleased with the bag, I should have finished it sooner!


I finished the knitting and sewed up the all in one baby jacket from my LYS’s pattern. I used another of my Grandma’s Buttons to finish it and I am very happy with the result, it is a shame my baby will probably be too big to wear this jacket next winter.


My DNF item was the socks for my mum. I did however, find the pattern I was using and had separated from the item, and I managed to do about 2 inches on the foot, so that is better than nothing. I am going to try and have these done before mum gets back from overseas in 7 weeks.

August 11, 2008

attack of the USO’s

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my Darling Husband put it nicely: “you seem to have been doing USO’s not UFO’s” A USO is apparently an un-started object, something I have the yarn for but have not yet started.

I thought that it was aptly put.

I have a small plan to finish 4 UFO’s for the UFO Olympics and what do I do?? I start a scarf for my mum and a pair of baby socks for my impending baby…..

oh dear.

August 5, 2008

Time flies

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Well time flies when you are having fun, are dead tired.

I really don’t know what happened to July at all! Yes i think I can confirm that pregnancy makes you too tired to even knit.

Trying to rememberwhat i have done, hmmmm, what have i done????

I knitted a beanie and two sets of booties for my BF’s baby Will.

Beenie for Will

I knitted a Zodiac Grow Bag from Knitty.
I used up all my scraps of cotton and i am fairly happy with how it turned out. The picture isn’t good as it hasn’t been washed so the stitches aren’t sitting even and it hasn’t had its buttons put on yet.
I think i could make another one of these.

Grow Bag for Bobble Head

Grow Bag for Bobble Head

September 25, 2007


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So in order not to incur the wrath of the credit card gods I have started delivering catalogues to fund my knitting habit. So I’ve been wandering about delivering many catalogues for not much money, but on the upside it has meant I have got through some more of my pod-cast backlog.

I have enjoyed listening to “subknit” which has been an interesting venture into the combination of BDSM and knitting, I really don’t understand the lifestyle aspect of it all, but is certainly interesting. 

Socks in the city has inspired my to try socks again, I have started a a toe up sock, not really happy with how is looking so far, my yarn wraps don’t look even to me, and i think my tension is wrong….

I am going to try and find someone locally who can show me how to do this, but I suppose it could be trick to find someone as I want to learn toe up on two circulars, I could offer them a ball of yarn as reward.

The sock, even though I don’t love it, has given me a chance to start with my yarn from the knittery, it really is beautiful (DH has taken my camera to Adelaide so pictures next week) 

 David Reidy’s Sticks and String, is still by far the most professional sounding and presented pod-cast.  He really does and excellent job, it is always interesting and thought provoking, he pushes his listeners to ‘have a go’, the interviews are interesting and so importantly the sound levels are balanced!!!!! the levels between the music his talking and the interviews all the same.  I really recommend this pod-cast.

Still to go this week are: “its a purl man”, “stash and burn”.

August 31, 2007

My photos

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I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out (after a bit of editing).

Lunar eclipse 28-8-07

August 28, 2007

Lunar eclipse

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I am very excited, tonight there is a full lunar eclipse and at the moment the sky is clear….

photos tomorrow (fingers crossed)

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