January 9, 2008

heavy thoughts

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Life gets hectic easily doesn’t it!

 I have started my new years resolution (like everyone else I am sure) to loose weight and be a fitter and healthier person by the end of 2008.

 I am going to be a bridesmaid in October so I am going to loose 35 kilos (77 pounds) between now and then. It is a big ask, but I am sure that though healthy eating and getting back to the gym I can achieve it.

I lost a similar amount of weight in 2005/2006, I put about 10 of those kilos back on during last year, so off they come again. I am calling last year a resting year. What is the point in beating myself up about it?

But I gotta tell you all this getting back into healthy eating is tiring… all the weighing and measuring, but its worth it in the long run.

A big incentive is that I will be able to knit myself smaller sized jumpers. which will save time and yarn YAY!

It has also been really interesting to think about what we eat, where it comes from and how it is produced, I think we will be making some large changes to our diet and food ethics.


July 26, 2007

So Close

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The cobweb jacket has now take almost a week longer than i thought it would. I have only the collar and the making up left to go, as I knit i am conscious of the weather improving….

Have had a busy social week this week which hasn’t left so much knitting time, and I MUST go to the gym at lunch today in order to justify the dinner I am going out for tonight.

I am so unhappy, all my friends are leaving town, I’ve had another 3 go in the last 6 months, tonight is a farewell dinner.

I suppose on the bright side it is rumored that Virgin airlines are going to start flying back into my town early next year, which may put some pressure on Qantas and thus decrease the cost of flying to Sydney. Which would make visiting cheaper.

The Diet is going OK, have lost 5 kilos so far.  

July 16, 2007

Diet so far

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I lost 3.1 kilos last week that’s a 1.1 point reduction on my BMI.

I guess that is good, I am just so impatient, it should be a surprise it takes so long, it took me a good 5 years to put on this weight…..

July 14, 2007

Warning Diet in Progress

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So this week was the start of the optifast saga.

I have been thinking about my general health and have decided it is time to get my BMI under-control.

Since April 2005 I have reduced my BMI from 46 to 37. I now am trying to get it down to 29.
I am so grumpy and headachy, but so far I am managing to be pleasent. I must get more water tomorrow.
Will report my week one loss on monday.