February 7, 2008

no time

Posted in February, Knitting at 6:03 am by myknittedempire

I have just moved offices and in a sense jobs, work has just been hectic and I have progressed on nothing.

I still don’t feel quite comfortable knitting at home because of the husband, and I feel timid about knitting at work as it is a new bunch of people and I don’t feel strong enough to defend my knitting.

Sigh, what is a girl to do?

I have done nothing on SSoTS which I was so excited about, big sigh


February 1, 2008

Thank you, nice people

Posted in February, photos at 12:28 am by myknittedempire

I just wanted to share.I’m an admin in real life, and I am leaving my current role for a new one. This includes a move from one building to another. There were two people in my office who really went out of their way to make me feel like I would be missed, one of them took me for coffee and the other brought me this lovely flowers.

It really brings to your attention how some people will go the extra mile and it is those people who leave the biggest imprint on your life and fondest memories in your soul.

They are two very special people, I will really miss them.


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