August 1, 2007

Cobweb Jacket

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jacket 3jacket 2Cobweb jacket 1


July 31, 2007


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Yay the cobweb jacket is done!!!

I will post a picture tomorrow after it is blocked.

I think, shock horror…. i will have an evening off knitting.

I have booked a holiday next week to Fiji, I so need a holiday. I might spend this evening packing, thats the good thing about going on holidays to a completely opposite climate.

The diet is not going well, last week with 2 farewell dinners and 1 dinner party, I should have known it was doomed to failure.  Off to the gym tonight (maybe that will make me feel a little more virtuous).

I’ve never been to Fiji before so any hints and tips are appreciated.

July 26, 2007

So Close

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The cobweb jacket has now take almost a week longer than i thought it would. I have only the collar and the making up left to go, as I knit i am conscious of the weather improving….

Have had a busy social week this week which hasn’t left so much knitting time, and I MUST go to the gym at lunch today in order to justify the dinner I am going out for tonight.

I am so unhappy, all my friends are leaving town, I’ve had another 3 go in the last 6 months, tonight is a farewell dinner.

I suppose on the bright side it is rumored that Virgin airlines are going to start flying back into my town early next year, which may put some pressure on Qantas and thus decrease the cost of flying to Sydney. Which would make visiting cheaper.

The Diet is going OK, have lost 5 kilos so far.  

July 24, 2007

Never ending WIP

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OMG, will the ribbed rows on the cobweb jacket never end? I think these rows are going to take me as long as the whole jacket…..

I have done one side 36 rows K2P2 rib on 3.25mm needles on 104 stitches (yes i know it was meant to be 120).

I just want it to be finished!!!!!


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So the hoodie is finished.

It is mega bulky, but i am pretty happy with the result.

It knitted up quite quickly.  I used one strand of the noro Kureyon and 4 strands of some 8ply acrylic, i dropped this down to 3 strands for the hood.

I Like the design and am very happy with the colour, the problem is the hood is quite heavy and pulls the top down off my shoulders, what I thought I might do is rip back the hood and either put the recommended collar on it, or maybe add a turtle neck…..

Very Cropped Top Hoodie




July 20, 2007


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Thank goodness it’s friday!!!!!

What a week, we are in the middle of a restructure, I am hanging out for the weekend.

relax, watch some movies, keep warm.


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Spent my lunch hour working on my hoodie, it looks too big…

I wonder if that is my gauge or the chunkiness of the yarn….

The neck opening is definitely too wide, but i think I can put a funky sort of bodice lacing in there to pull it together. 

Will post a pic as soon as i get the sleeves done.

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