March 27, 2008

Stashalong 2008 progress

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So my Goal for this month was to use 1 Kilometer of yarn.

This goal has worked out really well, I wanted to knit a weekend cardi and I finally found a pattern that: was not knitted in the round, had a hood, had pockets and could have a zip put in it.

I have knitted it using all my part balls of stash yarn and scraps. I really like how it is coming out, it may not appeal to other people but I am knitting it to please only myself, so that’s just fine.

The wonderful thing is that because I am using more than one yarn at a time my ‘yardage’  so far is about 800 meters and I haven’t done the sleeves yet!

YAY i have reached my March stash-along goal.

imgp2196.jpg imgp2194.jpg


March 18, 2008


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I have knitted another 2 balls of yarn into my Jet jacket.

910 meters
-148 Meters
762 meters to go


March 5, 2008

mouse hat, too cute!

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Stash-along Goal for March: use 1000meters of yarn (thats 1093 yards for you non metric folk).

I like this goal better than specific projects, this way i cant get off track, you watch me I will find a way, I’ll be sewing before we know it…..

I am going to a birthday for a 1 year old on the weekend and her mum asked me to maker a hat that wont come off.

It is from a Debbie Bliss book, and it is oh so cute, and used up 90 meters of yarn.

Blocking it was a bit of a challenge, in the end I used as you can see, two mixing bowls balanced on top of each other. 



1000 meters
-90 meters
910 meters to go

February 29, 2008


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The sock is finished!!! I ripped back the finished sock, back to where the increases should have been and I got both of the finished by the 29th!! yay!

I’m still golden for the stash along, now what for March…

February 25, 2008

#@$%@# Sock

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As I may have mentioned one of my goals for the stash-along was to complete the other Lego sock this month, and I may have also mentioned I have been doing everything but  knit that sock!

Last night I managed to finish the gusset increases and turn the heal, so now I only have the leg to go. I forgot to do the increases in the leg of the last one, so I’m trying to work out what to do this time. If I put the increases in then I should rip the other one back and include the increases in that one also, sigh.

 I hate socks!! but i must finish this one (and in fact 2 other pairs), I think the finishing is good for my soul even if I don’t like it. This sock must be finished this week so at least the end is in sight!

February 24, 2008

ready, set, Cast on

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Yes, I know this is not what I should be doing, but my desire not to knit the sock that i should be knitting that I keep casting on new things, I have cast on a baby jacket, using some rare yarns in a gorgeous amethyst colour, Also cast on a Jacket for myself.

I really must get these socks done, it was my stash-along goal for Feb, and I would like to achieve it.

I had a nice weekend, had coffee, watched TV, did some knitting, had a bunch of friends over for a BBQ on Sunday.

But I am so tired today and my throat hurts, trying to work out if i should go home to bed…