October 24, 2007

cutting into knitting time

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sock prorgess, Im zooming down the gusset, almost finished my decreases.


koigu sock

A pic of my sky diving friend.


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my goodness…… between my blog, facebook and the one KAL im in I am cutting into my knitting time.


October 22, 2007

damned socks

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damned socks, I think I mustn’t be too bright, at least in a sock way.

I am trying to follow the instructions for the simple knitted sock from socks soar….

Could I work it out??? I am new to socks so don’t understand their construction totally, so could i work out where the heal turning was meant to happen? I found a nice picture somewhere on the Internet with a description which helped. But then, i couldn’t work out what the hell was meant to happen with all the stitches when i comesesed  picking up the gusset stitches. I understood the idea of what I was doing but for the life of me couldn’t understand her instructions. In the end, I did it my way, and i have all the correct stitches in all the right places, (although I did pick up a few too many, but i would rather have too many than holes).

I don’t think i want to knit socks top down anyway so I will only be following these instructions for the other one of these socks.

I hate when my knitting makes me cranky.

Slow knitting weekend

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We went to the Beach for the weekend with a bunch of friends.It was great fun! One of my close friends was skydiving for her birthday, she really seemed to enjoy it.


It is a winding road to the coast from here, so i didn’t take any knitting. I wish I had because I had no idea how long we would end up sitting around at the airport (about 4 hours).

I have just joined up with the Southern Summer of Socks.

My first SSoS goal is to finish the 3 socks I cast on last month and make pairs for them all.

My second SSoS goal (which depends on the first) is to knit up all my sock yarn.

If I can achieve goal 1, I will be happy as I have a lot of baby knitting on the go, Damn pregnant people.




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October 16, 2007

Mini Hanami

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I Finished and blocked my mini Hanami stole from Pink Lemon Twist It is very beautiful.

It is my first piece of lace knitting.

I did this one as a test run, thus I only did 47 stitches (which is about half, it is once across the lace pattern).

I made a big mistake, which i only realised when I was researching how to block it…..

I used a yarn which was 50% acrylic 50% mohair (to be honest I just grabbed it from the stash without thinking about it).

 It was studio 8 mohair by Cleckheaton, i used about 450 meters, on 4mm needles.

It is curling up, even after blocking. I think this is because of the garter stitch.

What I want to know is when i do this in a lace weight yarn on the recommended needles size is it going to curl in??

I was thinking (well it was actually DH’s idea) I might sew it to a nice piece of fabric….

Oh Well I’ll be more careful next time.









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October 15, 2007


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I have finished my mini Hanami stole, and I am in the process of blocking it. I have never blocked lace work before and I’m not sure that I’m doing a very good job of it. (I was going to take a picture but decided I was too embarrassed).

So back to the baby blanket and the socks for a while. I have got an addi lace needle for my large size Hanami, but i have yet to get the beads for the cast on.

I think I could get into this lace knitting thing, I find it very ‘Zen’, when I am doing it I cant attend to anything else. It gives me a break from the day.

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October 12, 2007


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YAY its Friday!
I have had a very luxurious knitting week, my DH has left me alone to knit as i liked he even went grocery shopping without me so i could stay at home and knit. I am a very spoilt princess.

I have been listening to lime and violet. I don’t know if I’m the only person who does this but when Ii pick up on a pod-cast i like to go back to the beginning and listen to all the episodes, so i still have a long way to go, but they still seem to be posting new episodes so that bodes well. It has happened to me before that by the time I have caught up to the most current episode the pod-cast has died.  I love the madness of the episodes so I’m hoping that it hasn’t changed too much as the pod-cast has matured..                                                                                                                                          


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October 10, 2007

photo update

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So here are my newest pictures:

The husband jumper in bits

husband jumpersleeves

The koigu Sock cuff and the toe of the knittery sock (mmmm the knittery yarn is soooo nice.) 

sock in progresssock 2 in progress

And finally the Hanami Stole.

I am knitting it on 4mm needles with left over Cleckheaton Studio 8 mohair, I just wanted to see if i could cope with the pattern, I have only cast on enough stitches to do the chart once (no repeat section). I am really loving the pattern, it makes me feel special to be able to produce such a pretty fabric with such a simple process. I am zooming along and aim to finish the basket weave repeats tonight and finish up the transition chart.  I have some beautiful lace weight alpaca merino from the knittery to do a full size version in…

mini Hanami in progress

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