December 14, 2007


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Last weekend, we were invited for an anniversary dinner with two of our friends, it was their first wedding anniversary, we had a lovely night although we all drank too  much, I was impressed by their “paper gifts” She gave him a poker set (paper cards) and he gave her paper, cards and calligraphy nibs for her scrap-booking.

aniversary gift

aniversay gift for him


October 4, 2007


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why, oh why, didnt I sign up for ravelry when people started talking about it ????
It sounds like everyone is having so much fun in there and there are about 16000 people ahead of me in line….

September 7, 2007

Blah Blah Bland

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Do you ever just find yourself, wishing away your life…..

It all seems so boring and bland, and I keep waiting for the next thing, what ever that may be, 5pm,  the weekend, pay day, birthday, balh, blah blah…..

I wonder if it is the weather, we had some really beautiful spring weather and now it has gone back to drab.

Well on that note, it is almost the weekend…..

My freind has posted by yarn, but I cant even get exicted by that.

oh dear… 

August 24, 2007


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I just came back to my office from a meeting and look what was waiting from me!


what a nice way to finish the week!

what a nice husband!

August 17, 2007

pom poms

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I am keen to make a scarf from pom poms, it seems like a good way to burn through some partial balls in my stash. My stash isnt large but i have it sorted into draws and the partial balls no longer fit in their draw so something has to give, stash burning or bigger draws……

August 6, 2007


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So what knitting do you thake to the beach?

Do you take knitting?

Maybe I will take podcast stash to listen to…..

July 20, 2007


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Thank goodness it’s friday!!!!!

What a week, we are in the middle of a restructure, I am hanging out for the weekend.

relax, watch some movies, keep warm.

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