FO’s 2006


illusion scarf


I did some illusion knitting in 2006

I did this scarf for the World cup knitting.

And I also did a Linux scarf (now where did I put that picture)








Oh Look!!

Another scarf….











Booties started in 2006.

Now I usually have one cast on somewhere










Baby jacket, a cool jacket for a Melbourne baby

Also the rug





too big


I knitted a SKB (twice) this is the first time where it was too big (turns out I’m not as fat as I thought I was)



I found a list of things I knitted in 2006 (now i have to find the photos):

Beanies x7

Mohair wrap

Many Pantas

Cleaves (from knitty)

Nagano Sakura (from knitty)

Marley’s Ghost (from Knitty)

Mobius Wrap

OSW (Stephanie Japel)

Jo Sharp Singlet

Jo Sharp Beret

Singlet top in Nundel wool


I found crochet this year and knitted allot of scarves which I called “organic scarves”  


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