FO’s 2007


FO 2007


This was knitted for my best friend, it looked like an easy knit but was in fact a labour of love, I had not idea that stamen stitch could be so tricky, in the end I charted it all out in excel and that helped.It was knitted in Cleckheaton studio 8 mohair on 8.5mm needles.The pattern was from creative knitting magazine or available online “threads and”




These were knitted for a friends husband. He is fascinated by my knitting and talked about knitted underwear for about 12 months. When I decided he wasn’t joking then I looked for a pattern and couldn’t find one until knitpicks put this one out for valentines day.It was an easy knit, in some cotton and acrylic blend I picked up at Lincraft.






It would seems that I am getting to an age group where I have allot! of pregnant friends.So it would seem that there is always something on the needles in the way of baby stuff.Here are the booties I knitted out of some local angora merino and a hat from some Cleckheaton country silk.


Another baby item. This pattern comes from my LYS it is a nice easy knit and works up quickly in 8ply yarn





Here are my first pair of socks, knitted out of a basic 10ply on double points using a morehouse farm pattern.



Here is my Very Cropped Top Hoodie by Astor Tsang published on Magknits.I knitted it out of 4strands of 8ply acrylic with one strand of noro kureon.I like it but the weight of the hood means that it pulls down off my shoulders. My plan is to rework the hood into a turtle neck.



Here is my Mini Hanami Stole from “Pink Lemon Twist”

I only did enough stitches to go across the lace pattern once (47).

It took about 500 meters of cleckheaton studio 8 mohair (a bad choice)

I used 4mm needles.

eggbert’s rug


Here is my latest baby rug,

It is made from a 100% acrylic yarn from spotlight, it was called “hope”, it was a velvety yarn (I used 12 balls).

I used a 10mm crochet hook and just did rows of treble crochet.


This is the blossom Shawl from Mag knits

It was an easy knit and is made to use one skein of the Handmaiden Sea silk

I highly recommend the pattern, it is an excellent beginner lace pattern



These are the bookmarks I made to use up the reminder of my sea silk, there is an excellent KAL for bookmarks.


  1. Scott said,

    I’m looking for a pattern for knitted shorts/boxers. I think my guy friends will love them. What was yours?

    The pattern came from:
    It is a free download and an easy knit.
    happy knitting!

  2. Patty said,

    I am looking for the pattern for the very cropped top hoodie. Do you have it or know of a source where I can get it. This is a gift for my daughter’s birthday

  3. Gail said,

    Hello, I have a question on the Very Cropped Top Hoodie, do I read the pattern correct, you don’t join in the round for the beginning pattern which is the yoke? Thanks, Your knits are terrific!!

  4. myknittedempire said,

    Hi Gail,
    yes that is correct you dont join till you have got to the ‘body’ section ofthe pattern.

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