April 5, 2010

super fast sewing

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A few weeks ago my little boy needed some more long-sleeved shirts, and the winter stock hadn’t hit the shelves yet, so I needed to get out the sewing machine and run some up. As you all know I’m not one to take anymore time than is absolutely necessary for anything… so.

A few years ago I had an argument with Jason about the premise that you could make a shirt by just tracing around someone and then sewing it up. He was sure you could and I was sure you couldn’t ¬†(I was sure you needed things like ease and darts). Well long story short, one prototype shirt later, I was proved wrong! as long as its stretch/knitted fabric and enough extra space is left around the person ¬†then it works. It’s not elegant but it works and we called it the ‘I was right shirt’.

I remembered this fact when i wanted to sew the shirts for my little boy.

Heres what I did:

1. laid out the fabric (with the stretch going across the body of the shirt)

2. traced around a current shirt

3. allowed about 2 inches extra all round ( you need to allow plenty of extra in the sleeves, as the stretch isn’t going in the optimal direction)

4. cut it out

5. overlocked around it

6. overlocked round the bottom

7. cut a head hole and overlocked round it

8. repeat with second lot of fabric

two tops in less than 45 minutes, pretty good?


October 21, 2008

Not Blogfade…. Pregnant

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I gotta say the thing no one told me about with being pregnant is the completely overwhelming exhaustion.

I don’t have the energy to do much anything, let alone knit.

Thus I am signing off for the time being.

The baby is due in early December so maybe next year 2009 I will be knitting again?

Thanks to those who read my blog, I will be back soon I promise.